Gas leakage safety accident in Songshan, Handan Iron and Steel


At noon on February 5, Songshan Songshan suddenly annou […]

At noon on February 5, Songshan Songshan suddenly announced that at 3 o'clock in the morning, a gas pipeline leak occurred in the company's ironworks, causing 18 people to be poisoned, 8 of them died, and 10 others were in danger of being rescued by full force. At present, the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

"This safety accident occurred when the gas pipeline was overhauled. The company has never had a gas accident such as a gas leak." Songshan Dongshan Liu, who was interviewed by the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the 5th, said that the safety accident Caused heavy casualties. In addition to the gas pipeline that needs to be replaced, the safety accident has not brought property losses to the company.

It is understood that the gas pipeline leakage accident at the Songshan Iron and Steel Plant of Handan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. will have a partial impact on the company's rebar production, with an average daily output impact of about 0.5 million tons. Liu Er said that the company will disclose relevant information in a timely manner as required.