Gas poisoning accident in a staff dormitory in Tianjin: 2 deaths


Tianjin Daily reported on February 2 that this morning, […]

Tianjin Daily reported on February 2 that this morning, a gas poisoning accident caused by a gas water heater leak occurred in an employee dormitory in Hedong District. Up to now, 2 people have died and 10 have been sent to hospital for rescue and have been out of danger.
         After receiving the report, Li Hongzhong, secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, immediately gave instructions: "When you are fully committed to organizing the rescue, you should also send special warnings to the general public, especially those who still use coal for heating, to pay attention to safety and prevent gas poisoning."
         Tianjin Mayor Wang Dongfeng made the instructions: "We must fully organize the rescue, identify the cause of the accident, carefully investigate and effectively prevent the occurrence of such problems, widely publicize the scientific use of gas and coal-fired equipment, and carry out targeted safety warning education. To ensure safety."