About the selection and application of gas detectors


Gas detectors are generally used in photovoltaic power […]

Gas detectors are generally used in photovoltaic power generation, waste power generation, waste gas treatment, natural gas, electric power, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, food, tobacco, foundry, steel, mining, oil, gas, petroleum, paper, shipbuilding, painting, sewage treatment. Wait for a special gas to work. However, in practice, it is roughly divided into two types.

Stationary gas detectors, hand-held portable gas detectors, fixed gas detectors can be used to fix devices in indoor and outdoor hazardous areas where the measured gas leaks. As a function of on-site monitoring, if the monitored gas concentration exceeds the standard, the gas detector will transmit the measured gas concentration data leaked to the gas alarm controller in a timely manner and efficiently. The portable gas detector is equipped with a small air pump to sample the gas in the hazardous area to be tested.

The compact size can be carried around, and the oxygen leak can be detected on the spot. The hand-held portable gas detector has the characteristics of fast detection speed and accurate detection value, which can more easily complete long-distance sampling of dangerous areas and better maintain personnel safety.

The standard 2.4-inch LCD screen can display the oxygen gas concentration in real time, and can record the gas concentration in the real-time environment in real time. When the gas concentration in the surrounding environment reaches the set value, the hand-held portable gas detector can emit sound and light. The three alarms of vibrating remind the staff and adopt the method in time. It is especially suitable for people who cannot enter the tunnels, pipes, sewers, tanks, sealed containers, etc. that may not be easy to enter. Using intelligent sensing technology, improved algorithms and safety technology, it has excellent functions, good stability, accurate measurement values, high sensitivity, compact and light, and durable.