Compound gas detector product features


Usually it is a test four-in-one gas. It can detect car […]

Usually it is a test four-in-one gas. It can detect carbon monoxide, flammable gas, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide. It is also a kind of portable four-in-one gas detector that can be customized to detect any interference. Four kinds of gases, this portable four-in-one gas detector can detect those gases in detail. The custom-made portable four-in-one gas detector is generally developed for customers with special needs, and can be used as a gas detector manufacturer for such products. The compound gas alarm can detect the four gases of combustible gas, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide together. The imported electrochemical sensor has good linearity, strong stability, small volume, light weight and easy to carry. It is petrochemical and municipal. Essential equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, warehousing of hazardous chemicals, and environmental protection.

Compound gas detector product features.

First, infrared remote control

Standard infrared remote control, through the infrared remote control function key for one-button operation, can realize the operation of opening the cover in dangerous places, such as: correction alarm point, concentration calibration, zero calibration, silence, and factory reset.

Second, rich man-machine interface

2.5-inch high-definition color screen, display real-time concentration, alarm, time, temperature, humidity, storage and other information; menu interface uses high-definition simulation graphics to display the function name of each menu.

Third, can detect 1 to 6 kinds of gases together, the unit is free to switch

Units are optional: PPM, mg/m3, Vol%, LEL%, PPHM, ppb, mg/L.

Fourth, diverse communication methods

It can be monitored in real time by wired or wireless long-distance transmission and network transmission; the standard bus RS485 (modbus-RTU) and 4~20mA specification signals are output together; optional frequency output 200-1000Hz, Hart protocol signal, 1~5V output, wireless transmission (2 to 5 km or no interval); compatible with secondary instruments, data collection modules, PLC, DCS systems, can drive related equipment. The optional controller can monitor up to 1000 detectors together.

Five, large-capacity data storage function (capacity can be customized), support a variety of storage methods, optional long-distance wireless transmission function

Standard 100,000 data storage capacity; optional SD card storage function, support real-time storage, punctual storage, or only store alarm concentration data; support the machine to check, delete data, can also be uploaded to the computer via RS485 interface Data analysis or printing.

Sixth, high temperature gas detection

Optional high temperature sampling cooling filter handle or high temperature and high humidity pretreatment system can detect flue gas at 1300 °C. Gas detection at other temperatures can be ordered.