Correct use of flammable gas detector


Now, flammable gas detectors are now widely used in gas […]

Now, flammable gas detectors are now widely used in gas petrochemicals, etc. There are some precautions for using flammable gas detectors. Today, we will introduce the relevant common sense and hope to help us better use flammable gas detectors.

Combustible gas detector 1. Once the fixed flammable gas detector is installed, it should not be changed arbitrarily. Therefore, before the safe fixed flammable gas detector, it should be aware of the approximate gas composition in the monitored environment, combined with the gas flow direction and other factors. .

When using the flammable gas detector, the time should be far away from electromagnetic radiation and other disturbances. For example, transformers, high-power motors, microwave ovens, etc. may directly affect the sensor analysis of the flammable gas detector, and then lead to negligence.

In the environment where the risk of blasting is detected, the flammable gas detector with explosion-proof function should be used. At the time of acquisition, the manufacturer should be asked for an explosion-proof certificate to conclude that the detector has a solid explosion-proof performance.