What are the uses of flammable gas alarms?


  The flammable gas alarm is also called a gas lea […]


The flammable gas alarm is also called a gas leak detection alarm instrument. When the flammable gas leaks in the industrial environment and daily life environment (such as the kitchen using natural gas), when the flammable gas alarm detects that the flammable gas concentration reaches the alarm value set by the alarm, the flammable gas alarm will emit sound and light. Alarm signals to remind people to take safety measures such as evacuation, forced exhaust, and shutdown of equipment. Moreover, the gas alarm can be linked to related linkage equipment, such as leakage during production, storage and transportation, and can drive systems such as exhausting, powering off, and spraying to prevent explosions, fires, and poisoning accidents, thereby ensuring safe production. It is often used in chemical plants, oil, gas stations, steel plants, etc. or where flammable gases are produced.