Gas detector design problem


Aiming at the problems of low precision, poor stability […]

Aiming at the problems of low precision, poor stability and single measurable components of traditional gas detection instruments, a multi-channel on-line detector for industrial gas profiling is planned. The so-called multi-channel, you can use a variety of types of sensors, through different deployments to measure different gas components.

The new digital infrared sensor S-Module is the primary detection method; in addition, the intelligent measurement method is used to complete the measurement and record integration of the detector. After testing, the gas detector has the characteristics of good stability, high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability, which can satisfy the fundamental needs of industrial field gas concentration detection.

In industrial production, many flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gases occur in the power, coal and petrochemical industries. The timely and effective monitoring and forecasting of these harmful gases is an important part of the safety production of many enterprises [1] Because these gases are disorderly in most cases, there are many limitations to monitoring a single gas, so more and more occupations and parts require multi-channel online testing instruments.

The primary use of online testing skills is the online gas detector and water quality detector. In the meantime, online gas detection skills are widely used, fast, and sophisticated, and are used primarily in process industries, environmental testing, and other areas. Now with the development of China's economy and the advancement of science and technology, many online monitor devices have been developed, and the distance from the world's testing instruments has been reduced in terms of product structure planning, signal processing, disturbance compensation and embedded systems.

However, there is still a large distance from foreign skills in terms of function, automation level, sex, precision, etc., especially in high-end skill products. Detection instruments consisting of new digital sensors, toxic and explosive gas detection instruments are still uncommon, and the skills of many old products are slow to update. Therefore, in order to compensate the distance between the detector and the foreign countries, it is necessary to develop a new generation of intelligent multi-channel online gas detector.