Gas detector storage method


In the industrial production process, a lot of toxic an […]

In the industrial production process, a lot of toxic and harmful gases will inevitably occur. As the bottom-level job operators, they should also strengthen the toxic and harmful gas defenses together with their own protective operations, such as at the valve of the equipment, at the interface, and the stationary gas of the azimuth device. The detector uses a portable gas detector to record harmful or flammable gas detection in specific areas.

What should the gas detectors pay attention to during the operation of the gas detector? Let's tidy up. Gas detector operating life - different types of gas detectors for different gases have different service life. Pay attention to the service life of the instrument when purchasing, whether it is beyond the shelf life, or beyond the life of the gas detector can not reach Effectively detect the concentration of toxic and harmful gases.

The disturbance of the detection results by a single gas--the average enterprise generally uses a single gas detector to detect the corresponding specific gas. Sometimes the environment of the detector is messy and contains a variety of gases. In some cases, other gases and A condition similar to the physicochemical properties of the gas (O2 & O?) is detected, thereby causing disturbance to the detection result of the gas detector.

The concentration scale of the gas detector--Before the test, it should be based on the previous experience of the pre-budget gas concentration, and then use the gas detector to detect. If the budget gas concentration exceeds the instrument detection scale, the instrument test cannot be used. Due to the over-range detection, Forming the instrument is a serious hazard, and the severe condition may directly cause the gas detector to be invalid.

Gas detector before calibration and maintenance - long-term placement of the instrument does not have to affect the effectiveness of the instrument detection due to various reasons such as temperature, humidity, etc., so be sure to calibrate the instrument before use; in the normal preservation process, the gas detector should Place in a low temperature dry sealed environment to extend service life.