How much do you know about the zero point of the four-in-one gas detector?


  When we use the "four-in-one gas detector", we u […]


When we use the "four-in-one gas detector", we usually encounter some problems in the operation of the application. For example, setting the zero point is more important. If we set the right, then we will Reduce the error problem, so that we can accurately detect the gas, so how to set it up? Let's take a look at the achievements of the people below.

First, after booting, press the power button to enter the menu page;

Second, then, press the up and down keys to select a menu item;

Third, select the zero point setting, click the power button to enter, select the gas, and check if the number is 0.

Fourth, finally, if the value is not 0, from the menu to zero fine-tuning, by adding, subtracting the value to 0, save the above to complete the zero setting, you can use it normally.

The 4-in-1 gas detector is a flexible single-gas or multi-gas detector that can be equipped with a gas sensor and optionally two toxic gas sensors or any four toxic gas sensors or a single gas sensor. The four-in-one gas detector has a very clear large liquid crystal display, sound and light alarm prompts, which can also detect dangerous gases in a very unfavorable working environment and prompt the operator to prevent it.

The four-in-one gas detector is designed for use in hazardous environments and confined spaces. The following four gases can be detected simultaneously: combustible gas, O2, CO and H2S. Yuante Technology Gas Industry also provides a four-in-one gas detector for self-selected gases.