How to choose the right gas detector?


The gas detector not only detects the gas concentration […]

The gas detector not only detects the gas concentration in the working environment in time, but also allows the employee to scientifically analyze whether the data enters the environment or take corresponding measures to achieve the working environment. Toxic gases reduce the concentration.

A suitable gas detector should be selected as follows: Verify that the type and concentration range of the gas detected is different for each type of gas encountered in the production department. When choosing a gas detector, we need to consider the type of gas that will be encountered when entering the environmental zone.

Determining the type of gas detector used varies depending on the industrial environment. Gas detectors are mainly divided into two types: fixed and portable.

Portable gas detectors: Because portable instruments are easy to operate and compact, they can be transported to different production locations. If it is turned on, you can use the gas detector you are wearing so that the concentration of toxic and harmful gases in the field can be continuously displayed in real time and accurately. For stationary gas detectors: This is a detector that is used more in industrial equipment and production processes. It can be installed at specific inspection points to detect specific gas leaks.