How to detect flammable gases in high temperature environments?


 This is a problem that many users often encounter. Bec […]

 This is a problem that many users often encounter. Because of the detection of flammable gas, many users use the flammable gas detector directly for detection. They are not aware of the environment in which the detector is used. In this way, ordinary flammable gas detectors often cannot withstand high temperature environments, so general flammable gas detectors do not. Suitable for high temperature environments. In the high temperature environment, it is necessary to use a special high temperature resistant combustible gas detector to detect combustible gases.

How to choose high temperature resistant combustible gas detector?

When selecting a high temperature resistant combustible gas detector, be sure to know the approximate temperature in the environment. Many users often have misunderstandings when choosing a high-temperature-resistant combustible gas detector. The combustible gas detector is selected because the combustible gas detector is not suitable for high temperature environments, so the user chooses the wrong one.

When selecting a high-temperature combustible gas detector, in addition to understanding the purpose and needs of the test, the user must select the manufacturer of the high-temperature resistant combustible gas detector. Secondly, the user can explain to the manufacturer about the on-site environment, usage requirements, and implementation requirements, and seek the most appropriate recommendation from the manufacturer.

It is widely used in high temperature furnaces, high temperature ovens, ovens, thermoelectrics, process control, aerospace and other places to detect high temperature combustible gases.