How to installation of carbon monoxide alarm?


The Portable Carbon Monoxide Alarm is an intrinsically […]

The Portable Carbon Monoxide Alarm is an intrinsically safe instrument that continuously detects the concentration of toxic, flammable and explosive gases in the operating environment. It is used for explosion-proof, toxic gas disclosure, open pipelines or mines, etc. It can be used to protect the lives and safety of the staff and the production equipment is not damaged.

Carbon monoxide alarm device standard

1. The carbon monoxide gas is heavier than the atmosphere, and the height of the carbon monoxide detection probe device should be 0.3 to 0.6 m from the floor (or floor).

2, the carbon monoxide detection probe should be installed in the absence of blows, no vibration, no strong electromagnetic field nuisance, and there is a clearance of not less than 0.3m.

3. The device and wiring of the carbon monoxide detection probe shall be stopped according to the requirements specified by the manufacturer, and shall comply with the relevant provisions of the wiring of the explosion-proof instrument device.

Carbon monoxide gas detector utility gas: combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen. Carbon monoxide alarms are commonly used in metallurgy, power plants, chemicals, mines, tunnels, tunnels, open pipelines, etc., to effectively prevent the occurrence of poisoning and disorder. Convenient connection with all kinds of DCS, PLC and other systems, high protection grade, dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion machine, can work in acidic and alkaline environment.