How to operate the flammable gas detector much more safe ?


The combustible gas detector is a kind of gas detector […]

The combustible gas detector is a kind of gas detector that uses a relatively large number of gas detectors, especially in the field of fire oil and chemical industry. If the combustible gas detector is used for a long time, it is prone to various problems, especially the use of defects, directly affecting the combustible gas detector. The use of the number of life, today to introduce some of the issues that must be paid attention to in the application of combustible gas detectors.

Use a flammable gas detector to avoid nuisance between sensors. The sensors of the same abnormal gas detectors do not match. The time for detecting the gas should be such as to avoid the nuisance of other gases, because other gases may react with the sensor to affect the detection effect.

Avoid overtaking inspection planning. The combustible gas detectors have a certain inspection plan. Once the inspection plan is exceeded, it may cause the gas detector to be poisoned. The severe environment directly causes the gas detector to be invalid.

Use a combustible gas detector to avoid damage from external forces. The outside of the combustible gas detector is very detailed. It is assumed that the external force is too large to cause problems with external components. According to the calculation of the sea-sales, many fault gas detectors are accidentally dropped.