Is the gas detector to be calibrated regularly?


Some customers have asked before, and their gas detecto […]

Some customers have asked before, and their gas detectors are rarely used. Why is it that the results are not accurate when they are tested again after one year? Do the gas detectors that are not used need to be calibrated?

Is the gas detector to be calibrated regularly?

All gas detectors use relative measurement methods. Both physical and chemical tests require maintenance and calibration. Only regular calibrations are performed according to product specifications to measure accurate results and ensure the safety of the measurement environment. It is troublesome for the individual to make corrections. It is recommended that the gas detector be sent to the after-sales department of the manufacturer for testing. If it cannot be corrected after the sale, it can also be sent to the national departmental metrology institute to issue relevant test reports.

How often is the gas detector calibrated?

The core component of the gas detector is the sensor. After the sensor has been used for a long time, it will often drift and need to be recalibrated. According to industry experience, gas detectors usually need to be calibrated every year. Strict factories may need to be recalibrated every six months or three months. The more calibration times, the smaller the probability of drifting the sensor and the more accurate the test results.

In addition to paying attention to regular calibration, the gas detector should also pay attention to the service life of the sensor. Different types of sensors have different service life. After the sensor exceeds the service life, the gas detector needs to be replaced with a sensor.