Portable gas detector use precautions


The gas detector is an instrument used to detect toxic […]

The gas detector is an instrument used to detect toxic and harmless materials in the industry. In the process of application, we need to enter the homework space detection. The toxic and harmless materials in the homework space will intimidate our physical health, so we are Before entering, you must do a good job of safety protection. Above and Xinxing electronic all the way to understand the gas detector on-site inspection notice.

The staff who first entered the homework space for testing must wear a static hat and a protective goggle even if they wear an electrostatic suit. Secondly, the homework staff should wear a portable gas detector that matches the gas in the homework space. Yingkou Xinxing Electronic reminds everyone that before entering the homework space (especially in the presence of toxic and harmless gas), gas content testing must be carried out first to prevent the staff from being poisoned. According to the environment in the homework space, if flammable gas, toxic and harmless gas exist at the same time, then the toxic and harmless gas should be used for verification and alarm point setting. The thing is that the explosion-proof walkie-talkie should be applied the same, to prevent large deviations in the verification, and to prevent the rest of the unpredictable disorder.