Problems to be aware of when using an ozone detector


Ozone is sterilized quickly, and it quickly kills vario […]

Ozone is sterilized quickly, and it quickly kills various microorganisms. When the concentration exceeds a certain value, the sterilization process can be completed in an instant. The sterilization function of ozone stems from its strong oxidizing ability. Ozone is a safe and environmentally friendly disinfectant because it can be differentiated into oxygen and does not leave any harmful substances after half an hour in the disinfection process.

However, as far as humans are concerned, any sterilizing agent is a double-edged sword. When the ozone concentration is 1.5 ppm, ozone will cause severe irritating effects on the human respiratory system and then endanger human health. But as long as we only need to buy a good ozone detector to ensure our safety. So what are the safety issues of using ozone detectors? Let's learn together.

To safely use the ozone detector, you should pay attention to the following aspects: The receptor point may be the local area where people are densely packed, that is, the ozone gas can cause the person to be in a position to be paralyzed. The primary intention of this is to maintain personnel safety. The point of leakage or the point of detection is the orientation of the presence of ozone gas. It must be as close as possible. Because of the chemical nature of ozone, it is highly prone to differentiation. The height of the ozone detector should be lower than the point of leakage. The molecular weight of ozone should be larger than that of air. Ozone will be dispersed below the leak point.

In fact, many experts know that the research on the skills of ozone detectors has been in China for more than a decade. Therefore, we only need to use the ozone detector correctly, not only will it not cause harm to human health, but also use the ozone detector to ensure our safety. However, in this premise, we need to fully understand the safety of the ozone detector, ozone will not have a negative impact on the human body, and can benefit everyone and improve the quality of life of people.