What is the principle of a portable VOC gas detector?


The portable VOC gas detector can be used for hazardous […]

The portable VOC gas detector can be used for hazardous gas detectors, organic gas detectors, combustible gas detectors, and single gas detectors. The following is an analysis of the principles of a portable VOC gas detector.

Accurately making early warnings of hazard detection technology is becoming more and more different, and its use in the detection and elimination of threats is becoming more and more extensive. Its development direction is miniaturization and automation, in order to complete long-term monitoring. The deployment of the portable VOC gas detector makes the leak process discoverable at an early stage. The occurrence of certain disasters is inevitable. How to effectively restrain and monitor early warnings, how to rationally apply high-tech methods, and effectively control the incidents, reduce casualties and property losses, is a realistic problem for the key technical requirements for production safety. Through the discussion of the physical and chemical properties of the early stage of the incident, the VOC gas detector monitoring can effectively carry out pre-disaster restraint, so that the incidents that may be caused by disasters are controlled in advance to protect personal safety. The key to the change from passive rescue technology to a new generation of automatic control technology is centered on intelligent monitoring technology.

The portable VOC gas detector can be divided into a sputum type and a pump type by its sampling principle. The so-called scatter type is to place the probe in the danger zone where the gas is detected, the gas to be measured is scattered into the probe, and the alarm is placed in the monitoring room for indication and alarm. In the pumping mode, the gas pump to be measured is sucked into the detecting probe, and the gettering pump and the gas built-in detector are set together, the detector is set at the dangerous address of the gas to be tested, and then the indication and the alarm function are detected.

The above is an analysis of the principle of a portable VOC gas detector. The portable VOC gas detector is widely used for industrial safety monitoring, indoor air quality testing, hazardous substance testing, and environmental protection monitoring. Aiming at the key links in the process of disaster breeding, occurrence and development, it is an important part of the security technology system.