What kind of gas is mainly detected by the 4-in-1 gas detector?


The four-in-one gas detector is generally used in indus […]

The four-in-one gas detector is generally used in industrial construction, chemical operation and other environments. Although most of the toxic gases can be measured, what kind of gas is detected by the four-in-one gas detector? Do we know? The four-in-one gas detector first detects combustible gases, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen. These four gases are standard four-in-one detectors and are suitable for many applications. Its special chip skills greatly enhance the various functions of gas detection and response time, and greatly improve the battery life.

Operators enter confined spaces, such as reaction tanks, storage tanks or containers, sewers or other underground pipelines, railway tankers, shipping cargo holds, tunnels, etc., before the personnel enter, the on-site gas must be detected, and Detection outside the confined space.

The 4-in-1 gas detector sets the content time period (5-15 minutes), calibrates the gas concentration, calibrates the cycle, and opens or closes a gas.

Open or close the normal operation beep, start active low, alarm determination, "safe" display function, mute function, verification expired mandatory verification function, calibration cycle setting, flammable gas unit selection.