When choose portable and fixed gas detector


According to the installation method, the gas detector […]

According to the installation method, the gas detector is divided into two types: portable and fixed. These two gas detectors are not only different in convenience, but also different in many other aspects.

The difference between a portable gas detector and a stationary gas detector

1. Different types of detection gases

Fixed gas detectors are installed in a fixed location and only need to detect the gas in the environment, so a stationary gas detector can usually only detect one gas. The portable gas detector is divided into a single gas detector and a composite gas detector. The composite gas detector is divided into three-in-one, four-in-one, five-in-one, six-in-one, etc., which can support multiple detection at the same time. Gas demand.

2, different methods of use

The fixed gas detectors are mostly two-piece type, the detection head is installed at the inspection site, and the instrument showing the alarm device is installed in a safe place for monitoring observation. As the name implies, the main feature of the portable gas detector is that it is easy to use, no need to install the inspection head, power supply, etc., only need to put the detector into the environment to be tested.

Which of the portable gas detectors and stationary gas detectors to choose?

The fixed gas detector is installed at a specific location to detect specific gas leaks. It is suitable for places where only one type of gas leaks, and can be observed for a long time. Portable gas detectors are small, lightweight, portable, portable to different production departments, and can detect different gases.